Recent Public Meetings

Concord City Council Presentation October 11, 2022

Bow Board of Selectmen Presentation June 7, 2019

Concord Workshop Presentation April 1, 2019

Project Update August 9,2022

Project Update August 9, 2022

Joint city of concord/nhdot public workshop

Video of the Workshop

Visualizations for Loudon Road Options

Concord Forum Presentation June 26, 2019

Exit 14/15 Concept F3

Exit 14/15 Cocept F3 with Rail Relocation

Exit 14/15 Concept F3 I-93 Profile

Exit 14/15 Concept F3 Loudon Road Profile

Environmental Assessment/Draft section 4(f) Evaluation

The Environmental Assessment/Draft Section 4(f) Evaluation is a full disclosure document that details the process through which a transportation project was developed, and includes consideration of a range of reasonable alternatives, analyzes the potential impacts resulting from the alternatives, and demonstrates compliance with applicable environmental laws and executive orders.

The entire Environmental Assessment/Draft Section 4(f) Evaluation is posted below in the following links. These documents can be downloaded and printed.

Please note that not all of the pages in the document are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need assistance please contact the NHDOT Project Manager, Donald Lyford, (603) 271-2171. Public comments on this document will be accepted through December 14, 2018.

Report Title and Cover Page (1 Page)

Agency Signatures (1 Page)

Table of Contents (14 Pages)

Executive Summary (14 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Project (20 Pages)

Chapter 2 - Alternatives Screened and Evaluated (60 Pages)

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment (103 Pages)

Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences and Mitigation (84 Pages)

Chapter 5 - Draft Section 4(f) Evaluation (29 pages)

Chapter 6 - Environmental Commitments (4 pages)

Chapter 7 - Coordination and Consultation (4 pages)

Appendix A - List of Preparers (6 pages)

Appendix B - Agency Correspondence (67 pages)

Appendix C - Cowardin Classifications (2 pages)

Appendix D - Visualizations of Existing and Proposed Conditions (16 pages)

Appendix E - Distribution List and Notice of Availability (16 pages)

Appendix F - Air Quality Analysis Report (154 pages)

Appendix G - Technical Feasibility Report (49 pages)

Appendix H - Hazardous Materials Evaluation Report (28 pages)

Appendix I - Traffic Analysis (61 pages)

Appendix J - Rail and Transit Assessment Report (32 pages)


Click Here for a Fully Compiled Environmental Assessment Volume 1

Click Here for a Fully Compiled Environmental Assessment Volume 2

public Hearing documents

Public Hearing

Public Hearing Meeting Minutes November 14, 2018

Public Hearing Presentation 11-2018

Public Hearing Flyer

Preferred Alternative

Preferred Concept K for the Exit1/I-89 Area

Preferred Concept F for the Exit 12 Area

Preferred Concept B for the Exit 13 Area

Preferred Concept F2 for the Exit 14/15 Area

Preferred Concept F2 for I-393 Exit 1 Area

Connector Road Typical Section

Loudon Road Typical Section

I-93 Typical Section

public informational meeting documents

Public Information Meeting 2

Public Informational Meeting - Meeting Summary

Bow Concord PIM Presentation 2-2018

Preferred Alternative

I-89 Concept K

Exit 12 Concept F

Exit 13 Concept B

Exit 14-15 Concept F2


Public Information Meeting 1

Bow Concord PIM Alternatives Comparison

Public Informational Meeting - Meeting Summary

Bow Concord PIM Presentation 5-31-17

Bow Concord Typical Section

I-89 Concept C

I-89 Concept K

I-89 Concept P

Exit 12 Concept E

Exit 12 Concept F

Exit 13 Concept A

Exit 13 Concept B

Exit 14-15 Concept D2

Exit 14-15 Concept F

Exit 14-15 Concept O3

Exit 14-15 Concept F2


Study documents

Concord TPAC Presentation 12-15-16

Chamber of Commerce Presentation 12-12-2016

Bow Planning Board Presentation 10-6-16

Study Area Map

Archives Part A

Study documents

Presentation at the Concord MasterPlan Community Forum #1 (PDF)

Presentation for Citizens Advisory Task Force Meeting #1 (PDF)

Presentation of Project Overview (PDF)

Project Newsletter (PDF)

Project Challenges and Opportunities (PDF)

Project Purpose and Need (PDF)

Screening Criteria (PDF)

Context Sensitive Solutions Overview (PDF)

CSS Project Delivery Process (PDF)

Project Problem Statement (PDF)

Project Goal Statement (PDF)

Community Transportation Workshop Presentation (PDF)

Chamber of Commerce Presentation (PDF)

Alternative Screening Presentation (PDF)

Detailed Screening Alternative (PDF)

Screening Summary (PDF)

Public Informational Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Findings Related to Option 4 (PDF)

Final Summary Classification Report (PDF)

Final Summary Classification Report Appendices (PDF)